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IAmNeverFar.com is an online space for individuals, loved ones, and family members to connect through shared memories for eternity.

If you’ve ever lost someone close to you, you know the feeling of wishing you could hear their voice one last time, see their smile again, or relive a cherished memory. With our platform, all of this and more is possible.

We’re proud to be the first and only platform designed to be an online legacy depository where you have total control over your memories for your loved ones. Leave memories that are only available to beneficiaries you list or post group messages that include multiple people. Schedule memory posts days, months, or years in advance for your children, friends, or loved ones that will only be visible on the day you specify, allowing you to be there and provide your wisdom and encouragement for all of life’s events.

Never miss a birthday, holiday, or anniversary – even if you’re not here.

Make Your Memories Last More Than A Lifetime


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I use I Am Never Far, Inc to leave messages to my son. I love being able to document moments in his life as he grows and know that one day he’ll be able to look back on them. My favorite feature has to be the message scheduler because it allows me to write messages now that will be published for him years in advance. I can write letters for all of his birthdays, milestones, and special events ahead of time and rest assured that even if for some reason I’m not around, he’ll always have his mom by his side.

Allie Garrett

This platform has changed how I look at family memories. Before, I had no organization and most of my family photos online were buried under hundreds of other posts. I Am Never Far, Inc has given me a beautiful space to organize and sort through my memories and ensure that I even when I am gone, my family will always have these beautiful moments to look back on and remember me by.

Jennifer Henderson

I was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and it had a huge impact on my family. The idea that I may not make it to see my daughter graduate or see my son get married was suddenly very real. When I found I Am Never Far, Inc it was like an answered prayer. I’ve spent hours writing letters to my kids, husband, and other family members that are pre-dated for special occasions that I never want to miss, even if I can’t physically be here for them. Being able to leave these messages for my family and knowing that they’ll always have these memories from their mom has brought me so much peace.

Hillary Jackson

I opened an account for my dad and he loves it! He has all of his memories and messages sorted for each of my siblings and has even recently started boards for each of his grandchildren. Watching him record and write messages to my family has brought him so much joy and laughter, from recording his silly jokes for my kids to writing more heartfelt letters to my mom… I know that when he’s no longer with us, my entire family will be so thankful for this platform and for having these memories from him that we can hold close, forever.

Paul George